A list, in no particular order, of the stories I have been fortunate to have had published. Hopefully more to come soon!

Friday Flash Fiction – The Diagnosis

Friday Flash Fiction – The Partner

Spillwords – Absolution Trail

Friday Flash Fiction – Who Wants to be Normal?

Friday Flash Fiction – The Red Feather

Friday Flash Fiction – Castles in the Sand

Friday Flash Fiction – The Interview

Spillwords – A Fresh Cuppa Joe

Friday Flash Fiction – A Pivotal Fix

Friday Flash Fiction – The Basement Chamber

Friday Flash Fiction – Prepared

Friday Flash Fiction – Madame Divine

Spillwords “Spotlight on Writers” interview – Interview

Friday Flash Fiction – The New Guy

Spillwords – Jamaican Sands

Originally on Medium, Jack is now on Spillwords

Flash Fiction Friday – Face of Terror

Spillwords (Featured Story) – Doug’s Place

Friday Flash Fiction (Christmas Season Contest) – The Nudge

Friday Flash Fiction – The Escape

Friday Flash Fiction – Elixir

Friday Flash Fiction – Opportunity of a Lifetime

Friday Flash Fiction – The Bucket

Friday Flash Fiction – The Closet

Fiction on the Web – A Rude Awakening

Friday Flash Fiction – The Parting

Spillwords – What’s Good For The Goose…

Originally published on Ontologica, my first published story now lives on Fiction on the Web – Ordinary Average Guy

Fiction on the Web – The Visit

The Visit is also available in print in the June, 2017 issue of The Scarlet Leaf Review –  The Visit Part 1

Fairlight Books – Last Rites – (a cliché baseball story) – The Comebacker

Fiction on the Web – The Bridge

Also available in the print anthology – The Best of Fiction on the Web – Volume 1, 1996 – 2017

Friday Flash Fiction – Regrets

Originally published on Postcard Shorts, which sadly went defunct ;-( – Whispers is now on Fewer Than 500 – The Promise

Fiction on the Web – Binary Code

Flash Fiction Friday – (a little whimsy in this all too serious world) – Life’s A Zoo – Boulevard Stop

Fiction on the Web – (a novella) – A Change Of Mind

Formerly on Postcard Shorts (defunct ;-( ), my 100- word story, The Grand Slam , can now be found on Friday Flash Fiction

Fiction on the Web – (a serial killer story) – Murder By The Book

Murder By The Book originally appeared in the print issue of CrimeSpree Magazine’s Oct/Nov 2012 issue – A Sleight Of Hand

The hate to mention, but unfortunately a necessity clause 😉

All stories provided here are written by Jim Bartlett, who asserts his right under the Copyright, Designs, and Patents Act of 1988 to be identified as the author. Feel free to quote or copy, but please link back to the appropriate site and cite both the publisher (after all, they’ve been kind enough to feature my work) and the author. (Not that any of this is Mark Twain, but I did have to put at least a couple of brain cells together to find words that worked. ) Thanks!!