I gave Medium a try, a sort of pay to play site, where you subscribe to their content, but the writers, should they get enough “reads” and “claps,” can be paid. It does seem to have some potential, but a lot of investment in terms of building a readership of folks willing to subscribe, and I’m not sure that’s where I want to be with writing. That said, I moved my story, Jack, off the site and submitted it elsewhere. It was picked up by Spillwords, and will go online February 10.  I’ll post the link when it is active.


My story Whispers was originally published on a fun little site called Postcard Shorts, but after nearly a decade of providing a home for tiny little stories, they decided they’d sent out their last card and stopped buying stamps. The site closed back in October of 2018, so I started shopping for another site to publish Whispers. After a bit of looking around I chose Fewer Than 500, another publication that specializes in flash fiction. They liked the story and it will be going up on Feb 3.  I’ll post a link when it is published!


Happy New Year! Spillwords, a publication where I have three stories, and in the process of moving another, interviewed me as part of their “Spotlight on Authors” feature, something they do a couple of times a month. Weird questions, but I think that’s the nature of the beast when it comes to interviews. The post will go up February 2nd.